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If you could think freely, would you still judge?

We are living in a highly polarized world. A world that is divided by almost everything. Even by the most commoditized products like a TV model! One has to really make an effort to identify the commonalities – what are the similarities that we have with the people around us? What makes us alike? Such thoughts tend to overbear the mind.

But why is it so? Since ages we have been trying to understand the purpose of our existence, at a spiritual level. And at a materialistic level, we seek to understand our place in this world. In so many ways, the materialistic aspect tends to overbear the spiritual one. Because, being the social animal that we are, ‘fitting in’ is deeply ingrained in us.

Man has managed to discover, invent and create uncountable items of desire. For instance, television. Since its invention by P. Farnsworth, and popularised by David Sarnoff, television is one of the major inventions of the 20th century.

Latest Technologies in a TV Model

Despite being omnipresent to a large degree, new technologies like OLED or AMOLED continue to makeĀ  a TV model an object of desire and a symbol of status. Look at which popular TV model that is available in the market today:

Now, imagine that you have one of the bestselling TV models list above. Would you still feel the need to seek similarity with people around you? May be. But, in time, when you have acquired such objects of interest, you can hope to rise above the materiality, and move towards the spiritual aspect. That’s when you can be free. Go, satisfy your materialistic desires, and rise.