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If it all came back to you, would you embrace it?

Our lives are getting complex by the day. Materialism, is one of the reasons. It has seeped into the day-to-day life like never before. I do not intend to communicate that materialism is bad. It really is not. It is an integral part of our existence. Consuming worldly pleasures is part of our lives, and we must. The Universe or Supreme Being – whichever name you address Him or Her with – has given us a world that is full of materials that can either be consumed in their natural form (like fruits) or be further changed in shape, form, and at times, the very inherent nature to make items or products of desire. Take mobile phones, for instance. Mobile phone technology has enabled humans to stay in touch better and faster.  I am taking the liberty to list a select few of them below.

Recommended Mobile Phone

Create Memories As You Go

Human creativity has already, and become even more, unbounded. But, in all of this, we tend to disconnect with ourselves, and we do not even realize that it is happening. This is not desirable for many reasons. One of them being us ignoring (if not forgetting) our life experiences. Those small and big successes and failures that make us who we are today, especially the small ones. Mobile phones offer a very well-though ecosystem that allows us to document and share our experiences. Yet, we forget those priceless memories and loose ends that could be tied (or could not be). But, our mind has its own way of bringing those memories back. And when those memories comes back to us, they appear strange, unknown. Almost like re-discovering that photograph in the attic that you don’t remember existed. This, to some degree, causes us to resist accepting those memories to begin with. At times, we find it nearly impossible to accept them at all. But, we must. Because that discomfort is short-term, and in the long-term, acceptance of those memories will only bring peace. So, go ahead, embrace those memories for they are a part of you. And, you will find that you can enjoy all the material pleasures even more.

If you had just one leap to take, would you take it for faith?

Life is not a smooth ride. This rule applies to all, irrespective of their status, caste, creed, gender or location. Look at the daily challenges of life, or those events that have a significant impact on our lives, we need faith to deal with those challenges. Have faith in life and in the fact that our existence is not meaningless. Each one of us is here as part of a grand design. We are here to serve a higher purpose. We may or may not have cognizance of this purpose, but it underscores our presence in this world.  All the religious and self-help books talk about this.

Faith is what we need

Our insecurities, fears and apprehensions leave us in doubt. We begin to doubt the purpose of our very existence. Faith is what keeps us going when everything else seems to be working against us. We must work towards not just building faith, but strengthening it. This is a workout for the soul. More we engage in practices and develop positive habits, stronger our faith gets. 

I can’t think of a better way of reinforcing faith than to read books. To me, following books can act like persistent guides that can help strengthen faith, and kill our doubts and fears. 

Suggested books

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The Alchemist
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If you could catch dreams, would you chase one?


One of the biggest gifts us humans been bestowed with is our ability to dream. You can read about this in loads of self help books. We all have dreams. Dreams root into our deepest desires and emotions that we nurture over a period of time. In more than one ways, our dreams have a significant influence on our personality and character. In other words, our dreams make who we are, and the person we are likely to become. 

Between the dreams and reality, lies our life. What we live is, to a good extent, an effort to achieve our dreams. Turning them into a reality. During this process of living, many extrinsic and intrinsic factors come into play. The extrinsic factors are, to good degree, uncontrollable. They require creative solutions like troubleshooting to arrive at a solution or a work around. Which brings us to intrinsic factors, which are not only controllable, but replicable too. This is where our creativity comes from. And we need creativity to come up with “out-of-the-box” solutions to deal with complex situations.

 How do we get come up with creative solutions to achieve our dreams? There is no one size fits all answer. You need to find what would work for you. To begin with, I would suggest referring to the following self help books:

 Self help books

Outliers: The Story of Success
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