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If you could kill a demon, would you kill the one inside?

We humans are not perfect. Our potential to achieve is endless, but we are limited by our own choices. Choices, that are predominantly driven by our self-interests. In the process of making those choices, we let our insecurities, fears and apprehensions get the better of us. We fail to focus on our own wellness. Our choices do not necessarily generate the desired outcome.

Journey to Wellness Starts Within

For many years, I have been trying to figure out why we end up making such choices? Why do we become slaves to our insecurities? Why can’t we break away from our fears? I realised that there can’t be a unified answer to these questions. Each individual human being is different. Our lives and associated experiences are different, too. They may be similar, but, are never the same. I was confused and disappointed. After months of introspection, I had an idea. It just occurred to me, that there can’t be a single answer to these questions. But, there has got to be a common thread. And that common denominator is emotions. Emotions are what really make us humans. They are one of the major factors that differentiate us from other mammals.

But, emotions have a major drawback. If one is going through an emotional surge, they can almost completely block one’s rationality and practicality. For instance, a caring and compassionate person can say or do things that can hurt the ones s/he loves. In those moments of indiscretion, emotions can bring out a demon. In case of some emotional people, this demon can thrive making life difficult for them and the ones that matter the most to them.

So how does one deal with this demon? How can one overpower or kill this demon? Again, answer would vary for each individual. Still, I would highly recommend you to explore which of the following solutions and associated products would work for you:



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If you looked in the mirror, would you feel free?

Freedom, for some reason, is what us humans have strived for, through the millennia. It is as if we were created by a Super Power in a petri dish. (May be we were!) It is difficult to say that we will know the truth, if there is any other version of it. Travel and books are a legitimate way to discover partial truth, if not the whole.

What is clear is that we never feel free, in the true sense of it. We are always seeking freedom. Freedom from work, relationships, or ailments, the list is endless. We all have our own version of it, and have disparate criteria to define what it means to each one of us.

I am taking the liberty of listing out two of the most common criteria that define freedom for people, and some of the things that you can possibly do to inch closer to meeting the criteria. Making money, Travel & books can help you achieve personal freedom.

Earn money by being an entrepreneur – Suggested reads:

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Become a leader – Suggested books:

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Become a leader – take some of the popular courses on leadership offered by Harvard Business School or Stanford Leadership Program


Travel & Books

This is a slightly tricky one. We all love to travel, but money becomes the biggest constraint. You can always travel to a nearby destination and stay at budget hotels. For some, it could be something different. I would recommend that you try one of the books mentioned below to decide whether budget travel or travel (in the first place) would give you a sense of freedom: 

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Travel & books can truly transcend you to a place of peace and tranquility.

If you had just one leap to take, would you take it for faith?

Life is not a smooth ride. This rule applies to all, irrespective of their status, caste, creed, gender or location. Look at the daily challenges of life, or those events that have a significant impact on our lives, we need faith to deal with those challenges. Have faith in life and in the fact that our existence is not meaningless. Each one of us is here as part of a grand design. We are here to serve a higher purpose. We may or may not have cognizance of this purpose, but it underscores our presence in this world.  All the religious and self-help books talk about this.

Faith is what we need

Our insecurities, fears and apprehensions leave us in doubt. We begin to doubt the purpose of our very existence. Faith is what keeps us going when everything else seems to be working against us. We must work towards not just building faith, but strengthening it. This is a workout for the soul. More we engage in practices and develop positive habits, stronger our faith gets. 

I can’t think of a better way of reinforcing faith than to read books. To me, following books can act like persistent guides that can help strengthen faith, and kill our doubts and fears. 

Suggested books

Be Here Now
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The Alchemist
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